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High Feed Milling Inserts

Name:High Feed Milling Inserts

Model Number: BLMP0603, SNMU1206, LNMU0303, WNMU0806

Coating: PVD

Color: Black,Bronze,DLC

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SNMU high feed milling insert is a tool designed for high-speed and high feed rate milling operations.

WNMU high feed milling insert typically have special geometries and cutting edges to efficiently remove material in a shorter period


  1. High Feed Rate: The design of BLMP/LNMU inserts aims to achieve faster feed rates, enhancing overall productivity.
  2. Shallow Depth of Cut: High feed milling often involves relatively shallow depths of cut but with higher feed rates to achieve efficient material removal.
  3. Special Geometric Shape: The shape and cutting edges of the cutter are specially designed to adapt to high-speed and high-feed cutting environments.
  4. Suitable for Different Materials: These cutters are usually suitable for various materials, including metals, alloys, and plastics.
  5. Reduced Cutting Forces: The cutter’s design is intended to reduce cutting resistance, providing stability during high-speed machining.
  6. Multi-Flute Design: Some high feed milling cutters employ a multi-flute design to evenly distribute cutting forces.

These Inserts are commonly used in applications that demand high efficiency and precision, such as mold manufacturing, aerospace, and the automotive industry.



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