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Carbide Inner corner Rounding Cutter Four-Flute

Coating : Uncoated / TISIN

Color : Bright / Bronze

Model Number : HN55-IRA4 / HN55-IRS4

Cutting Diameter : 2mm,3mm,4mm etc.

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Carbide,R Corner Rounding tools for deburring and chamfering.


  1. Universal chamfering round shank design, easy to use, has good compatibility, enhances the vibration resistance and cutting speed of the milling cutter, and the clamping is closer and smoother without slipping.
  2. Selected high-quality bar material, exquisite craftsmanship, greatly improve the service life of the tool.
  3. Sharp edge, smooth chip removal, nano-coating, stable performance.

Application: Suitable for wide range of work material, specifically for increasing tool life when machining Per-hardened materials, Low hardness materials and cast iron, etc.

High speed cutting, dry and wet cut recommended together.

Coating: suitable for processing steel, die steel, quenched parts, etc.

Uncoated: suitable for processing aluminum




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