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TCT cutters are gradually becoming a more common alternative for the steel fabricator. These cutters are also known as carbide three-edged cutting knives or three-edged carving knives. This is especially true in markets that place a higher emphasis on wood building productivity, which is currently at an all-time high. Carbide tips designed for specific applications are included into TCT Cutters, serving two purposes: they protect the tips from damage and extend the life of the tips. These are ideal for use in quickly drilling holes in a wide variety of materials using a variety of various types of tools. Utilizing a shape that contains numerous cuts leads to increased chip removal as well as a decrease in resistance as a spinoff.

TCT cutters are more durable and capable of cutting several times as many holes than HSS cutters, as well as operating at greater speeds. Additionally, in some instances, TCT cutters are able to cut through even the toughest of materials with a smooth and burr-free finish. These materials consist of solid wood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, and a few additional varieties of wood and wood products. TCT cutters are more durable than HSS cutters and are capable of cutting several times as many holes. Despite the fact that they first appear to be more expensive, TCT cutters are more affordable. Because of this, it is possible to do even more in terms of productivity, which in turn reduces any downtime and makes it a more cost-effective and premium choice of cutter for a number of activities.

The TCT cutter is considered to be one of the greatest solutions that are now available on the market as a result of the fact that it delivers the highest potential degree of cutting performance. The cutting is more effective as a result of the smooth movement of the blade throughout the cutting process. Because of its outstanding design and construction, the HUANA Tough not only offers an unmatched value, but it is also capable of satisfying the demanding standards imposed by high-production hole making. This is due to the fact that the HUANA Tough was created. This saw is intended to cut smoothly without leaving any burrs and to achieve maximum efficiency no matter what material you are dealing with (solid wood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, or any other material). It can do this no matter what circumstance you are in.

Specifications of TCT Cutter

Tungsten carbide is used to sharpen the tip of a TCT cutter, which is also referred to as a three-edged cutting knife. The operator is able to keep a consistent torque while simultaneously lowering the cutter’s rotating speed thanks to this feature. As a result of this, the blade is able to have a steady feeding rate while having a high chip load per tooth at the same time. TCT cutters have blades that are often toothed and are intended to make clean cuts into hardwood. The TCT cutter, also known as a three-edged cutting knife, features teeth that are coated with tungsten carbide, which enables the module to quickly cut through metals. Another name for the TCT cutter is a three-edged cutting knife. In addition to this, it prolongs the life of the TCT cutter by letting it to keep its edge for a far longer period of time than a conventional blade would. The teeth on this sort of knife are also able to be changed, and their major function is to transmit heat created by the three-sided cutting knife as it forms chips from the material being cut. It makes it feasible to cut through the material while maintaining the edge’s stability at the same time.

For instance, the specifications of typical woodworking knives are represented by the shank diameter (the diameter of the shank) and the blade diameter (the diameter of the cutter head), such as 1/2 x 3/8, where 1/2 refers to the shank diameter and 3/8 refers to the blade diameter. In addition, the diameter of the 1/2 shank is 12.7 millimeters, whilst the diameter of the 1/4 shank is 6.35 millimeters.


  • The TCT cutter features three cutting edges, which allows for effective cutting, a quick feed rate, less vibration, a clean hole surface, and a longer life for the tool. All of these benefits come as a consequence of the tool’s design
  • The design of the TCT cutter incorporates an increased chisel edge chip design, which not only contributes to the increased durability of the cutting edges but also contributes to the increased steadiness of the cutter. In addition, increased chisel edge chip design contributes to an improvement in chip evacuation
  • TCT cutter with an unique type geometry and random-space tips
  • TCT cutter provides a clean hole surface, distinct cutting, quick feed rate, and decreased vibration, in addition to an enhanced lifetime for the tool
  • In addition to being compatible with magnetic drilling presses, drilling machines, and electric drills that function in the rotary mode, the TCT cutter is also compatible with any and all sorts of drilling presses that include a shank of any kind
  • The TCT cutter has premium tungsten carbide tips, which not only boost the cutting speed but also extend the cutter’s service life
  • Innovative tooth design that allows for accurate sizing and the maximum chip clearance achievable
  • Cutting is more effective with triple-cut geometry, which also results in a quicker feed rate, reduced vibration, a more level hole surface, and better tool life. All of these benefits come as a direct result of the cutting
  • The key advantage of utilizing TCT cutters is the increased speed and ease of use that is afforded during the cutting of more difficult materials
  • TCT cutters may be employed to great advantage in particular when boring larger diameter holes in materials that are tougher
  • TCT cutters feature teeth that are more resilient than the teeth of HSS cutters, which enables them to cut through materials that are more difficult to work with
  • A selection of carbide tips for use in a variety of applications, each with a multi-cut form for ply-cutting and a surface with reduced friction
  • The effectiveness of chip removal has been improved, and the tips will sustain less damage as a result
  • The TCT cutter has several advantages, including the fact that it is a durable tool that is not only very tough but also has a longer lifespan
  • TCT cutters that have universal shanks are compatible with an extremely large proportion of the magnetic drills that are now on the market
  • In addition to this, they are suitable for use with a wide range of machine tools, such as mills and big drill presses that are furnished with tool holders
  • TCT cutter has exceptional resistance to both abrasion and temperature
  • You have the option of purchasing TCT cutters in either millimeters or inches, depending on what works best for you
  • There is a wide selection of shank types available for TCT cutters to choose from
  • TCT cutter available at competitive cost
  • The TCT cutter allows for some degree of customization in its use


(1) Sawdust Smashing & Discharge

Sawdust is rapidly expelled from the TCT cutters, which are constructed in such a manner that they are able to swiftly pulverize sawdust and then discharge it. Sawdust is very easy to pulverize with the sharp cutting knife that has three edges.

(2) Low noise

High feed rates may be achieved with minimal noise using a choice of TCT cutters or a three-edged cutting knife. A crisp serrated finish is provided by the chipbreaker design of the TCT cutter, which also provides outstanding chip clearance. In many contexts, the finish that is provided could be satisfactory even without any additional machining processes being performed. The TCT cutter, which has a variety of distinct forms of geometry and random-space tips, cuts clearly and accurately at a high feed rate while simultaneously lowering the amount of noise produced by the cutting condition. Because of the design of the noise reduction line and the heat dissipation hole, the chip removal speed is increased, the noise level is decreased, the heat is dissipated more quickly, and the cutting effect is increased.

(3) Durability

The longevity of a TCT cutter is about four to five times greater than that of a conventionally welded straight knife. The TCT Cutter has the benefits of being a robust instrument that is also incredibly tough and has a longer life. TCT Cutter is capable of cutting practically any sort of wood, as well as other materials that are notoriously tough to slice through, in a smooth and effortless manner. Having both a high degree of toughness and stability. It is capable of meeting the high accuracy, high strength, and high criteria that are required for processing by users. There was no discernible difference between the CNC automated welding, immediate welding in 0.5 seconds, accurate location of each cutter head, and automatic tempering and stress relief.

(4) The Feed Speed

Because of the cutting’s sharpness, the material’s high hardness, and the teeth’s resistance to breaking, it is able to fulfill the cutting requirements of an environment with a constant high temperature. Additionally, the feed speed can range anywhere between 15 and 18 meters per minute (the speed must be maintained at 18,000 to 24,000 rpm). TCT cutters are capable of cutting at greater feed rates with a reduced consumption of horsepower, which means they can operate on smaller machines and drill three to four times quicker.

(5) Increased Cutting Force

TCT cutters are able to generate five to ten times as many cuts as can be achieved with a straight knife. This is made possible by the fact that the cutting surface of TCT cutters is spread out across several cutting edges. TCT cutter, with unique cutting edge geometry enable efficient cutting, rapid feed rate ,reduced vibration, smooth hole surface and extended tool life, having cutting force better than that of a straight knife.

(6) Less Power

Traditional twist drills only have two cutting edges, however TCT cutters have many cutting edges, which enables them to drill with significantly less horsepower and effort than traditional twist drills.

(7) Requires Less Material To Be Cut

Because it is solid and has just one cutting point, the typical twist drill is required to cut or remove the entirety of the material from the hole that is being produced. Although the TCT cutters have numerous cutting blades and are hollow inside, they only cut around the outside of the hole that has to be produced.

(8) Less Time Required

It is generally agreed that a TCT cutter is three to four times quicker than a twist drill.

(9) Higher Accuracy

When compared to holes produced by conventional cutters or drills, those produced by a TCT cutter have a better level of precision. TCT cutters are versatile and can cut a wide variety of materials at a fast speed. Because of the multi cut geometry design, improved chip removal and less resistance are the consequences.

(10) All Operations Are Safe

TCT cutters are an absolute necessity if you are looking for a cutter for your project that poses a low danger to your safety. TCT cutter offers solutions to a wide variety of issues that may arise in the course of project work. They are in great demand as a result of the fact that they fall inside the acceptable range. In addition to reducing the quantity of sawdust, sparks, and wood that is burned throughout a job, they last four times longer than the majority of cutters. It finally makes each project you begin that much more secure by a factor of four.

Scope of Application

These cutters can be used to cut a variety of materials, including solid wood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, and other materials. They provide a smooth cut without burrs when cutting all types of particle board, synegite board, veneers, and press paper. Other materials that can be cut with these cutters include solid wood and MDF. These tools function exceptionally well on solid surface materials like as Formica and other similar products for the kitchen and bathroom sectors. These tools also perform quite well while cutting aluminum, although slower speeds and feeds are necessary for the task.

Applications of TCT Cutter

With a TCT cutter, you may easily cut through wood and other materials that have a similar consistency to wood. The TCT cutter is versatile and may be used for a variety of processes, including drilling, carving, grooving, cutting, and trimming

TCT cutters have widespread application in a variety of industries, including the construction industry, the automobile industry, the equipment business, and the metal industry. It is one of the saw blades that is purchased the most frequently. Carbide TCT cutters are particularly long-lasting due to the fact that they are simple to repair. If your TCT cutters get dull, you may use a grinding procedure to remove the old carbide and apply a fresh layer of carbide. This can be done in the event that the cutters become dull.

In comparison to tools made of solid carbide, pointed tools have the primary benefit of never requiring replacement in the event that they get damaged. In the case that the tip breaks, you might be able to salvage it by removing the old one. It is a lot more handy than going out to get a new blade.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that even carbide TCT cutter blades do not have an indefinite lifespan. The good news is that you will no longer have to dispose of blades when they have outlived their usefulness to you. Don’t be scared to utilize it in a new way or get creative with how you apply it. For example, you may create a little axe from a used blade. Carbide TCT cutters provide a number of benefits, all of which combine to make the cutting process simpler and more precise. In addition, the use of these TCT cutters can save time, effort, money, and several other resources.


(1) When cutting and grooving, it is necessary that you stay away from the area where the chisel edge is visible. This is one of the most important safety precautions.

(2) You are not at free to use the knife in whatever way you see fit.

(3) Due to the fact that it was designed primarily for use with portable and desktop engraving machines, the TCT cutter is incompatible with tools like electric drills and other similar equipment.

(4) The device is able to process many kinds of wood, including hardwood, softwood, synthetic board, and other forms of wood, which can result in a smooth surface. However, it shouldn’t be used to process materials made of metal, like copper or iron, or materials that aren’t composed of wood, such sand or stone. These types of materials should be avoided.

(5) It is vital to use a jacket of an adequate size because a jacket that is excessively worn, has inadequate roundness in the inner hole, or has a taper in the inner hole cannot always provide clamping force. This might result in vibration or cause the tool handle to break, which can cause the tool to fly off.

(6) Do not make the mistake of expecting that the new jacket has to be dependable and secure just because you bought it. If, after the tool has been clamped, it is found that the tool handle has contact marks or grooves that are uneven, this is a sign that there is slippage and deformation occurring within the inner hole of the jacket. This is to guarantee that the jacket is replaced as fast as possible so that any potential catastrophes may be avoided.

(7) After the tool has been clamped, if it is found to be bouncing while it is operating, stop the tool instantly, repeat the clamping multiple times to ensure that the tool shank and the jacket set up with enough contact, and then keep on working with the tool. If the tool is found to be bouncing while it is operating, stop the tool and then continue operating it.

(8) There must be an enough amount of contact between the tool shank and the jacket for the tool to be considered complete. To guarantee that the tool has sufficient holding force, the tool shank must first be completely inserted into the jacket, and then the jacket must be properly adjusted. Only then will the tool be ready for use. When only a little bit of the tool’s shank is inserted into the jacket, removing the tool from the jacket will not be difficult. The tool’s handle has been broken, and the tool itself has been damaged as a result of the accident.

(9) While you are working, you need to make sure that your eyes and hearing are protected by wearing the necessary gear.

(10) Your body, your clothes, and any other personal belongings that you might have should not be in close contact to the operating equipment. This includes keeping your hands and feet away from the machinery as well.


Long-term performance is ensured by the TCT cutter’s use of high-quality carbide material, which is procured from reputable sellers on the market and offers a variety of benefits. HUANA is a provider of TCT saw blades, and they sell TCT cutter of a very good quality. We are aware that the type of material that requires cutting is the single most important consideration in selecting the proper cutter for the job. Because TCT cutters are designed to cut a wide variety of materials, from hardwood to metal, and are applicable in a number of different industries, we wholeheartedly endorse using them. In general, they retain their sharpness for a longer time, run at greater surface speeds, and are appropriate for projects ranging from light to heavy-duty work. Get in touch with HUANA if you are interested in purchasing a TCT cutter.

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