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Spiral Flute Taps For Aluminum

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Spiral Flute Taps For Aluminum
Order NO.
ALU020-HSSE M2*0.4 12 3 2.5 40
ALU025-HSSE M2.5*0.45 14 3 2.5 44
ALU030-HSSE M3*0.5 11 4 3.2 46
ALU040-HSSE M4*0.7 13 5 4 52
ALU050-HSSE M5*0.8 16 5.5 4.5 60
ALU060-HSSE M6*1.0 19 6 4.5 62
ALU080-HSSE M8*1.25 22 6.2 5 70
ALU100-HSSE M10*1.5 24 7 5.5 75
ALU120-HSSE M12*1.75 29 8.5 6.5 82


A spiral tap is formed from flutes of a winding nature (or spiral) that wrap around the tap’s axis. It is essential to use spiral taps for blind holes, which are holes drilled partially through a material but do not penetrate all the way through. Spiral flute taps come in two types, each designed to prevent chips from becoming trapped in the hole by forcing the fragments to move toward the shank of the tap in a straight line rather than being left in the hole. With their hardness and toughness for wear resistance, high-speed steel tools are suitable for a wide range of general applications. As a general rule, spiral HSS taps are the best choice when threading applications are performed. This is especially true if the applications need to be completed in metric thread size. In treating the tool with black oxide, the cutting edge gets lubricated, and small trenches are created on the surface, which holds coolant, so it stays in place. A wide variety of tool attachment methods can be used with round shanks because round shanks have a smooth surface. Spiral fluted tools are designed to evacuate chips from the cut when run counter clockwise (righthand cut). They have a thread length of 0.6875 inches. The application of these materials can be tailored to steel castings and forgings, heat-treatable alloy steels, stainless steels that can be free-machined, corrosion-resistant steels and valve steels, and aluminum alloy castings: high-carbon and medium alloys, machining carbon steel without reducing the yield strength and cost.

Since the helix is shaped in a way that results in a narrower core and therefore it has a weaker torsional strength compared to hand tapping. In our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, advanced CNC machines, highly experienced operators, advanced quality control and heat treatment capacities, and robot-loading CNC machinery are used to manufacture spiral flute taps.

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